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The GCF “Readiness and Preparatory Support Programme”
Country ownership and a country-driven approach are core principles of the GCF’s business model. The GCF supports developing countries in building national capacities to coordinate engagement with the Fund and access its financial resources through national institutions.

The Fund has thus set up the “Readiness and Preparatory Support Programme” that assists those Ministries and officials (National Designated Authorities (NDAs) or Focal Points) in developing countries that coordinate the national engagement with the GCF.

The Programme’s objective is to support NDA’s in conducting in-country coordination and dialogue with national stakeholders on potential project priorities as well as for driving the process of project idea generation and concept note development in cooperation with accredited entities.

In addition, support is provided for sub-national, national and regional institutions in developing countries that apply for accreditation with the Fund.

The GCF Readiness Programme supports the following activities:

a) Establishing and strengthening NDAs or Focal Points,
b) Strategic framework, including the preparation of country programmes,
c) Support for accreditation and accredited direct access entities,
d) Formulation of national adaptation plans and/or planning processes.

Activities related to reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation in developing countries (REDD+) are supported under all activity areas of the readiness programme.

August 2020
გამოკითხვა თქვენი აზრით, აღმოფხვრის თუ არა დანაგვიანების პრობლემებს დაწესებული სანქციები?