share.png The President of Georgia

share.png Government of Georgia

share.png Parlament of Georgia

share.png Government of the Autonomus Republic of Apkhazia

share.png Gorernment of the Autonomus Republic of Adjara

share.png Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources Protection of Georgia

   LEPL National Environment Agency

   LEPL Agenvy of Protected Areas

   LEPL National Forestry Agency

   LEPL National Forestry Nursery 

share.png Biodiversity Monitoring of Georgia 

share.png Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia

share.png Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia 

share.png Ministry of Energy of Georgia

share.png Ministry of Defence of Georgia

share.png Ministry of Justice of Georgia

share.png Ministry of Culture Monument Protection of Georgia

share.png Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure of Georgia

share.png Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia

share.png Ministry of Agriculture of Georgia

share.png Ministry of Finance of Georgia

share.png Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia

share.png Ministry of Labour Health and Social Affairs of Georgia

share.png Georgian National Turism Administration 

share.png National Agency for Cultural Heritage Preservation of Georgia

share.png Regional Environmental Center (REC Caucasus)

share.png IUCN

share.png  (WWF Caucasus)

share.png Eurasia Partnership Foundation

share.png PH International

share.png World Vision In Georgia

share.png Care International in Caucasus

share.png Hydro Power and Energy Planning Project


United Nations Development Programme in

United Nations Development Programme in

United Nations Development Programme in Georgia (UNDP)

share.png Oxfam

share.png Swizerland Partnership Found in Georgia

share.png Heinrich Boll's Found in South Caucasus

share.png U.S. Agency for International Development

share.png World Bank in Georgia

share.png Agency of Development and Partnershio of Swizerland

share.png Asian Development Bank

January 2021
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