Ecoleader school has begun.  EIEC held the first meeting with ecoleaders. We chose the participants according to their Motivation letters and application forms. EIEC has chosen best 40 eparticipants.
Environmental Information and Education Centre continues training courses about biodiversity, 20 students of Cervantes English/Spanish school "AIA-gess" visited the Center and attended biodiversity training course. The students were able to get new information about biodiversity. The training was held by the representor of EIEC – Natia Javakhishvili.
Environmental Information and Education Centre hosted Greenvol Volunteers, to talk about environmental issues.
The new code of the environmental assessment was discussed in the Ministry of the Environmental and Natural Resources Protection of Georgia. According to Deputy Minister Maia Bitadze, permit system based on the new code fully meets EU norms and standards. The public will have an opportunity to get involved in the environmental impact assessment and the issuance of permits for all phases.
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