Media   NEWS   Meetings in Rustavi and kvareli within the Information Campaign on Biodiversity

Within the information campaign on biodiversity, the Environmental Information and Education Centre held informational meetings to raise awareness of the local community in Rustavi and Kvareli Municipalities.
The first part of the meetings was dedicated to the issues related to the regulation of the amount of wildlife, including legislative regulatory norms, regulatory procedures, causes and preventive measures of the attack from wild animals. In the second part, the focus was on reptiles, their role and importance in ecosystems. During the meeting, with the help of experts, the participants learnt to detect poisonous and non-venomous snakes and to distinguish their bites from each other using morphological observation method and heard recommendations on how to behave in the case of meeting with snakes and being bitten by them.
During the discussions, problematic issues related to the municipalities were identified, on which the participants got the concrete recommendations from the field specialists.
The participants of the meetings were provided with the information brochures,, Learn More’’ and,, Wild Animals and Human’’.
Within the informational campaign on biodiversity, the Environmental Information and Education Centre will continue meetings in the municipalities of the whole country.


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