Media   NEWS   Working meeting with biodiversity experts

Within the Convention on Biological Diversity, the Environmental Information and Education Centre held a working meeting in order to promote the elaboration process of the 6th National Report about the convention. Experts working on the biodiversity issues were participating in this meeting.

The Director of the Environmental Information and Education Centre, Tamar Aladashvili opened the meeting and spoke about the importance of the report.  The representative of the Department of Biodiversity and Forestry introduced to the participants the report format.

Georgia joint the Convention on Biological Diversity in 1994 and actually is preparing the 6th National Report.

The project is carrying out by the Environmental Information and Education Centre with the financial and technical help of Global Environmental Fund. Its main objective is to implement the high-quality report based on real data which will improve the decision making process at the national level, in order to accomplish objectives of the National Strategy and work plan on biological diversity and will facilitate achievement of Aichi Biodiversity Targets.


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