Media   NEWS   The education course,, Environmental Manager’’ has ended

According to the Waste Management Code, the companies that annually produce more than 200 tonnes of non-hazardous waste or more than 1 000 tonnes of inert waste, or any amount of hazardous waste, shall have an environmental manager, who will be responsible for taking appropriate measures for the safe management of hazardous waste.

With the initiative of the Environmental Information and Education Centre, there was worked out an appropriate program for the environmental managers, which includes all the existing requirements in the waste management field. The candidates presented by private companies as well as any other interested persons can participate in the educational course.
The training course managed by the highly experienced specialists allows the companies to have a qualified environmental manager retrained to meet the legislative requirements and modern standards.

The Environmental Information and Education Centre has already retrained 364 persons and 80% of them are working as environmental managers.


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