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Within the World Environment Protection day, with the initiative of the Ministry of Environment Protection and Agriculture, public dialogue,,Reduce Air Pollution with Your Action’’ was held.

During the event, invited people with the specialists in this field discussed air pollutants and air pollution sources as well as their impact on human health and reforms needed to improve ambient air quality.


The event was opened by Levan Davitashvili, Minister of Environment Protection and Agriculture. According to the Minister, environment protection and improvement of the current situation is one of the main priorities for the Government of Georgia. The country adopts many important activities to improve air quality.


,, Environment Protection needs a complex approach. With the right policy, reforms and activities adopted by the country, active involvement of the society is also particularly important to fix the existing challenges related to the environment protection. That is exactly why we are celebrating the World Environment Protection Day with experts, representatives of the media and NGO-s and those people, whose opinion is important and taken into account by the society. In my opinion, common responsibility and general effort will bring us effective results toward environmental protection and improving air quality.


At the beginning of the event, Environmental Ombudsman David Morisson, First Deputy Chairperson of the Environmental Protection and Natural Resources Committee Zaza Khutsishvili and Head of the  Alliance for Safe Roads Ekaterine Laliashvili addressed as well to the invited people.


The Representatives of the Ministry of Environment Protection and Agriculture and National Center for Disease Control and Public Health spoke about the air protection policy, adopted reforms and problems caused by air pollution.


The Environment Protection Day is celebrated annually on June 5 in the whole world with different activities. The World Environment Protection Day is also actively celebrated in Georgia that aims to raise awareness of the population about the environmental issues and involve them actively in overcoming these challenges.


On December 15 in 1971, The UN General Assembly designated 5 June as World Environment Day. With the initiative of the UN,  the UNEP every year choose one environmental issue. For 2019, The main slogan of the World Environment Protection Day is, Reduce Air Pollution with your Action’’.


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