Media   NEWS   Tender is anounced for the EUWI+ national Country Representative

The tender process has started  to select the EUWI+ national Country Representative in Georgia for the EU Member State Consortium responsible for Result 2&3

Please find information about required process steps and attached the tender announcement document which is currently published in Georgia.

The required process was subject to several steps of legal clarification, is an “extended competitive negotiated procedure” according to 3.4.2 of the PRAG and its sequence is summarized below:
1. Formulation of the tender announcement document (completed)​
2. Publication of the tender announcement in each of the 6 EaP countries (ongoing)
3. Selection of a short list of the best 3 candidates
4. An invitiation to tender is sent to the short listed potential service providers; including detailed tender documents and the evaluation grid (according to PRAG requirements).
5. Short listed service providers have 30 days to submit their tenders
6. UBA (as contracting authority) will establish an evaluation committee (according to 2.8 PRAG) and appoint 5 members: 3 members having voting rights (UBA, IOW, technical project coordinator) and 2 without voting rights (chairperson and secretary)
7. Tenders are opened and evaluated by the evaluation committee (separate evaluation of technical and financial offers)
8. Evaluation committee will put forward a recommendation to the chairperson, the UBA Project Leader
9. UBA will seek no-objection from the EC and the Georgian NFP
10. Contracting

The following timetable is planned:

-   Mid April:             Tender announcement
-   08. – 10. May:    Shortlisting procedure and shortlisting decision (before the first EUWI+ SCM)
-   11. – 12. May:    Invitation to tender of shortlisted applicants; provision of tender documents
-   12. June:          Deadline for tender application
-   13. – 14. June:    Opening of tender applications;

Evaluation by the evaluation committee;
Recommendation of the evaluation committee to the chairperson
-   19. – 23. June:    Contact of the chairperson with the EC Delegation and National Focal Point for no-objection
-   26. – 30. June:    Contracting
pdf-(2).png Tender announcement document

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