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Environmental Information and Education Centre Environmental Information and Education Centre

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Environmental Information Service

Head of Service

Lika Pkhovelishvili


Basic competencies of the Environmental Information Service:

  • Production of a unified database of environmental information in cooperation with relevant government agencies;
  • Finding and creating information bases on current and implemented projects in the field of environment and agriculture in cooperation with international organizations, as well as with  non-governmental, scientific and private sectors;
  • Facilitation the planning and implementing of public information dissemination, access, and awareness-raising activities;
  • Designing and administering databases on environmental and agricultural related agencies, international organizations accredited in Georgia, scientific and non-governmental sector and experts;
  • Preparing and administering information on public institutions that generate and possess information about agriculture and environment;
  • Providing public consultation on environmental information and participation in the decision-making process within the scope of its competence;
  • Participation  in international programs within the competence;
  • Facilitating the collection of environmental and agricultural literature, providing the creation of the library and photo/video/audio fund;
  • Preparation and facilitation of activities related to raising public awareness and information dissemination, promoting the information dissemination;
  • Coordinating the implementation of projects related to eco-labeling systems and eco-standards in order to raise awareness;
  • Ensuring the formation of a unified information system development strategy and the implementation of specific components;
  • Coordinating the preparation of analytical products.

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