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Environmental Information and Education Centre Environmental Information and Education Centre

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Education Projects Service

Head of Service

Nino Tabatadze

Basic competencies of the Education Projects Service are:

  • Developing a strategy to promote the principle - "Environmental Education for Sustainable Development", determine the teaching directions, prepare curricula, topics and programs;

  • Developing the methodological guidelines and educational literature within the scope of competences;

  • Organizing seminars in environmental and agricultural fields, preparing and conducting trainings and qualification upgrade courses;

  • Facilitating the seminars, trainings and qualification upgrade courses, preparing the relevant specialists, implementation of scientific consulting services and participation in these events/activities on behalf of EIEC;

  • Promoting the inclusion of environmental and agricultural components in various educational and certification programs;

  • Promoting the introduction of new vocational courses in the field of environment and agriculture;

  • Cooperation with local, professional and international educational institutions and the Ministry of Education And Science of Georgia;

  • Participation in international relations within the scope of competence;

  • Coordinating the projects to support "Green Economy" and "Green Business" within the scope of competence;

  • Coordinating awareness raising on environmental and agricultural components of sustainable development;

  • Ensuring certification in the field of environmental protection in accordance with the legislation of Georgia;

  • Ensuring the raising of public awareness in the agricultural and environmental fields. Training, retraining, qualification upgrading and promotion of relevant specialists.

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