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Service of Public Participation in Environmental Decision-Making Process

Head of Service

Parmen Gagnidze

The main competencies of the public participation service in the environmental decision-making process: 

  • ensures public or interested public participation in the decision-making process mandated by the Environmental Assessment Code, the availability of pertinent information, and the holding of public hearings for this purpose, in accordance with the procedure established by Georgian law;
  • takes part in the discussion on the strategic document's drafting and the environmental  assessment report; 
  • publishes the results or documents of the further analysis of the activity by the activity  implementer in accordance with the procedure established by the legislation of Georgia;
  • Posts information about the public hearing on the executive body and/or representative body of the relevant municipality's information board, along with the activity implementer's application and any supporting documents, and, upon request, ensures that their printed or electronic versions are available in accordance with Georgian law;
  • controls the management of the environmental information portal and makes it possible for the released data required by the Environmental Assessment Code to be posted on this portal;
  • provides technical assistance and facilitates communication with representatives from relevant municipalities to conduct public hearings;
  • establishes protocols for public hearings;
  • Produces statistical data on the conducted public discussions.

Public hearings